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RIGHT FROM THE FUTURE: EUHYBRID 100% bus welcomed the Turkish delegation visiting Serbi

The EUHYBRID electric bus of the eminent manufacturer Bozankaya welcomed the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his delegation at the Belgrade airport, from where we together took an important step towards the future comfortably riding through Belgrade, and following the delegation during their stay in Serbia.

Peace, quiet and comfort are the characteristics that representatives of Turkish companies describe our ride with, wishing to repeat this pleasant experience during the days they will spend in Belgrade.

The director of the EUHYBRID company, Snežana Stejić, addressed the guests: "It gives me great honor, great pleasure and makes me sincerely proud that I can greet you publicly for the first time in front of the EUHYBRID company, the first company on our market that has provided 100% electric buses from the eminent manufacturer Bozankaya, whose vehicles are already on the roads of as many as four continents.

Today, we formally mark the beginning of a new era in environmentally clean passenger transport in a more efficient and, I can freely say, more affordable way. Perhaps immodestly, and at the very beginning of our business, we are convinced that we provide the optimal solution for both city and intercity transport lines, regardless of whether they are passenger carriers or companies that transport their employees to and from work.

Likewise, we believe that more and more socially responsible companies will recognize the importance of investing in efficient passenger transport, as well as caring for the environment. We tried to get Serbia the best solution that exists, and I think we succeeded in that".

It was an unanimous agreement that the accessibility of these buses on Serbian market is a big step forward in the future in collective transport, but also in active participation in caring for a healthier environment.

The basic characteristics of the EUHYBRID vehicle for mass transport stand at the very top of performance and like other large European and world cities with high standards, the buses are 100% electric, use the same standard charging system as for cars, have a maximum charging time of up to 4 hours, 300 kilometers of driving. Durability of the batteries is proven by the fact that in some of the countries where they are used daily for years, they still provide their full capacity. Vehicles can be adapted to the needs of each consumer, with the help of suppliers experience with ready-made solutions for every, even the most specific, request.

You can schedule a test drive and learn more information via the website


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