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About Us

Headquartered in Serbia, the company directs its projects by adopting an environmentally sensitive vision and mission understanding in the energy sector.


EU HYBRID is the only address where you willreceive quality and the best service and supportin the shortest period of time before and aftersales, with our expert team which has greatknowledge about the products we represent,and with all necessary equipment.

In this sense, our company has carried out thefirst electric bus trade to Belgrade,
Serbia as a result of the cooperation with Turkey and Germany.

The designs of the buses were made accordingto the needs of the city, and we made sure thatthey are large-capacity, environmentally friendly,quiet, efficient and economical city buses.

Apart from this, our company has startedworking on electric bicycles in the Balkancountries and will soon take its place on the city streets.

Our company has developed itself rapidly withthe performance it has shown in its field andhas taken its place in the sector in a short period of time.

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