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RIGHT FROM THE FUTURE: A healthier environment and more efficient passenger transport with 100%

The company EUHYBRID presented the first fully electric bus on the Serbian market

The EUHYBRID company, at the CROSS restaurant in the WEST 65 Tower, presented a new revolutionary way of collective passenger transportation. At the media conference and presentation, the first in Serbia, 100% electric bus with a range of 300 kilometers was revealed.

This bus model is a product of the renowned company Bozankaya, whose vehicles are already traveling on the roads of as many as 4 continents. This important gathering, both for the EUHYBRID company and for the active care of a healthier living environment in our country, was attended by guests from the world of business, politics and entertainment.

The spectacular beginning of the presentation of this milestone in public and business transport began with the arrival of one of the buses, "straight from the future", from which the famous singer Milica Pavlović appeared. All those present agreed that the availability of these buses on the Serbian market is a great step forward in the future in collective transport, but also in active participation in caring for a healthier environment.

The director of the EUHYBRID company, Snežana Stejić, addressed the guests and, thanking all those present for their arrival, said: "It gives me great honor, great pleasure and makes me sincerely proud that I can greet you publicly for the first time in front of the EUHYBRID company, the first company on our market that has provided 100% electric buses from the eminent manufacturer Bozankaya, whose vehicles are already on the roads of as many as four continents.

Today, we formally mark the beginning of a new era in environmentally clean passenger transport in a more efficient and, I can freely say, more affordable way. Perhaps immodestly, and at the very beginning of our business, we are convinced that we provide the optimal solution for both city and intercity transport lines, regardless of whether they are passenger carriers or companies that transport their employees to and from work.

Likewise, we believe that more and more socially responsible companies will recognize the importance of investing in efficient passenger transport, as well as caring for the environment. We tried to get Serbia the best solution that exists, and I think we succeeded in that," and she thanked Milica for her support with the words: "I am sincerely glad that Milica recognized the importance of ecological solutions in mass passenger transport and that she decided to stand in front of our EUHYBRID brand. Thank you Milica and I believe that together we will do everything to protect our environment in the best way and make it a better and healthier place to live."

Commenting on the cooperation with the EUHYBRID company, Milica Pavlović said: "I am very excited and happy to be here today with all of you. I want to greet the representatives of the media and all the guests, as well as emphasize that it is a great pleasure that in some way we are all making pioneering moves together for our better future, for the better future of our country and the generations yet to come," and she added: "First of all, I grew up in a small place, with significantly cleaner air, where I enjoyed everything that nature offers us even as a child.

Arriving in a big city was certainly accompanied by the feeling that everything is completely different compared to the countryside, that the air is significantly more polluted, that mornings and nights are full of enormous pollution caused by numerous cars, buses, and traffic in general. I am certainly a supporter of a healthy life, I have always tried to make myself aware of this issue, and therefore I take great care of my health, I take care of what I eat, what I put into my body and everything that I can personally influence.

When I was given the opportunity to, together with the company EUHYBRID, first influence the awareness of our people about air pollution, ecology, and then give them the opportunity to change it, I was very happy and with great pleasure I accepted to become part of such a large and important project . Because this project is important for each of us. Just like the slogan of the EUHYBRID company says - the future is at the next stop."

The basic characteristics of the presented vehicles for mass transport of the EUHYBRID company stand at the very top of performance and like other large European and world cities with high standards, the buses are 100% electric, they use the same standard charging system as for cars, they have a maximum charging time of up to 4 hours, 300 kilometers of driving, and the durability of the batteries is proven by the fact that in some of the countries where they are used daily for years, they still provide their full capacity. Vehicles can be adapted to the needs of each client with decades of supplier experience with ready-made solutions for every, even the most specific, request.

The press conference and presentation marked the formal start of the EUHYBRID company's operations in Serbia, and thus the entire range of buses became available to clients in the country. All interested parties have the option of scheduling special individual presentations and test drives in order to make sure of the quality, efficiency and available solutions for collective passenger transport adapted to all specific client requirements.


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